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Quick brief mention to all my photographing pals out there – a NGM photo contest can be found on this page. No shopping (i.e. photoshop) That’s a darn shame I feel like I’m finally getting shopping down. dang. Here is a photo taken about seven miles east of Colville. And a quick photo for […]

Just by being a pain in the hind end to your politician. These are fabulous shots of the Rockies! Check them out. It is no wonder really why 2.2 million people have sent letters for road-less areas to remain that way. Me personally? I’ve been to the Washington areas they speak of but interestingly […]

Wilderness Bill

25Apr07 I know… I know *sigh* no religion and no politics. I personally shuddered when I had to put in the politics category. ekkk… However, because I’m pretty attached to those bald eagles that fly over my backyard everyday – here I go. I also love that hike down Hoodoo Canyon Trail. I recommend it to […]

My Fish Guru


You probably won’t expect my story to start out this way but it does… I once met this skunk. I never met his mom, he has no name to speak, I don’t own a photo of him for my family album however he did impact my life. He was your basic peppie-le-pew skunk with the […] This guy writes about a thousand times better than I. you bored? check out his story on fly fishing fishing its worth consideration.

Usually in winter we tie the big bobsled we have to the back of the jeep and drive the kids around. The bottom is so tore up after this year that we probably have to go and get a new one. This year there was a decent amount of snow that just melted off about […]


09Apr07 This is our newest hobby. If your interested then the above website is a good place to begin. It’s not intended to violate all hunting and fishing activities however, this time of the year they lower the Columbia River down and in order to actually fish you have to walk a long way to […]

Local Deer


  The first and second shot was taken in a farmers Field. So far, I know the above is a whitetail doe. However, I’m not sure what the species is below. You can kind of tell by the ears and such that it looks like a whitetail. The tail tho has black in it. So […]

I think men like hunting for one simple reason, the same reason I’ve come to love it. We like it a lot better than shopping. The truth? If it was socially acceptable and legal to cut roses from the ladies yard next store no woman would get another dozen reds with Safeway wrapping on it. Police (mostly ran […]