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Hopefully I have not startled or offended any pals out there – this time of the year I cannot seem to get away from going outside. When I was about 33 my husband introduced me to snow-pants. As soon as he did this I became addicted to winter hiking, the funny hat hair, the absolute […]

book cover meme


I’m not usually a follower however, If I were to follow in some one’s footsteps Adam’s is a good man’s steps to go along with. He posted a very funny book cover with his name in it. Guided by Winterwoman – here is his post. The trick is to go into, head to the Advanced Search page […]

dramatic day


this morning was full of drama; first, patch is feeling better – you can kind of see it in his stance here – the tough old boy has moxie. {Moxie is a word my hubby insists does not exist and I have to admit Webster agrees with him however, I must have heard it somewhere….} […]

just a few photos …. let me start with probably my real first attempt at “in studio” photos. Until now, I’ve never posed a shot – one comment recently had said I really like candids. Which is all I ever take even candids of a flower if the definition can be stretched that far. This […]

Quick like a bunny…. with the cold setting in I usually have my mind on quilting. It’s not that yesterdays blue jay didn’t capture my attention or the extremely large hairy spider on my pillowcase last night – it’s just that over time I’ve become captivated by the history and hard work that is involved in […]

Boyd Greene has been challenging complete amateurs (like me) to sit up and consider their art form. I don’t think I accomplished taking my photos to a higher level on this page. However, I did feel compelled to allow the world the knowledge that I am alive and taking photos. This may work out to be (at […]

You’d think being an avid bird lover I’d venture to not bring into this world their arch enemy – however, I’m more a lover of nature and it never ceases to amaze me! For example, we got our cat, Key-key, around the time that we got our pups. Seven very rambunctious puppies seemed like the […]

Okay, Okay I probably broke some social rule by wishing myself a happy birthday however, I can create my own blog birthday card because I am an eccentric old lady, and dang proud of it. May is cake month. My mom’s birthday is May 3rd. My son’s birthday is the 15th, mine is the 14th, two mom […]

Today I’ll see how things would play out if I were to whip back in time to twelve years old and do something like a journal write. (My journals consisted of a wire ring notebooks with a lot of warnings on the front of it.) Okay Photo Journal Write; This is what I did yesterday – Joe, the […]

I had mentioned in a previous post that we have two neighbors – two small horses that live right on the other side of the fence line. The pups initially did not like these guys, even when they were puppies they thought that it was rather rude, this sudden urge of theirs, to find the […]