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…because of the primaries I tend to do a lot of writing to congressmen and women, keep track of the process and discuss them in other places and thus, I haven’t had time to write much. (I’m big on politics for the environment and veteran affairs but really didn’t design this site for that purpose.) So, there […]

Marcus is a small tiny okay, smaller than tiny town just about ten miles from us. Last check the little town had a population of about 170 people. Each year on September 6th the tiny town shows off it’s cider maker, and Washington’s favorite fruit and our locals show up to buy. This tiny town […]

Okay, Okay I probably broke some social rule by wishing myself a happy birthday however, I can create my own blog birthday card because I am an eccentric old lady, and dang proud of it. May is cake month. My mom’s birthday is May 3rd. My son’s birthday is the 15th, mine is the 14th, two mom […]

Just by being a pain in the hind end to your politician. These are fabulous shots of the Rockies! Check them out. It is no wonder really why 2.2 million people have sent letters for road-less areas to remain that way. Me personally? I’ve been to the Washington areas they speak of but interestingly […]

Wilderness Bill

25Apr07 I know… I know *sigh* no religion and no politics. I personally shuddered when I had to put in the politics category. ekkk… However, because I’m pretty attached to those bald eagles that fly over my backyard everyday – here I go. I also love that hike down Hoodoo Canyon Trail. I recommend it to […]

…and a trip to Portland. Let’s cover Kevin first…. Kevin is one of my oldest brothers. Let’s see if I can find you all a photo of him. Oh here we are…. He’s a handsome striking fellow isn’t he? (I take after him except for the handsome part – if you suggest that of me […]