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dramatic day


this morning was full of drama; first, patch is feeling better – you can kind of see it in his stance here – the tough old boy has moxie. {Moxie is a word my hubby insists does not exist and I have to admit Webster agrees with him however, I must have heard it somewhere….} […]

just a few photos …. let me start with probably my real first attempt at “in studio” photos. Until now, I’ve never posed a shot – one comment recently had said I really like candids. Which is all I ever take even candids of a flower if the definition can be stretched that far. This […]

A few more species in the area of ferry county….. in no particular order of importance….. This is how the morning started so, as you can see, the day was an inspiration from the beginning. Yesterday was a good day again – we got a chance to hike with my nephew Justin. He decided to […]

Today I’ll see how things would play out if I were to whip back in time to twelve years old and do something like a journal write. (My journals consisted of a wire ring notebooks with a lot of warnings on the front of it.) Okay Photo Journal Write; This is what I did yesterday – Joe, the […]

First, Bear our biggest dog. Bear is a grand pup. He really likes to spook the UPS lady and scare her witless. {Hey, everyone needs a hobby right?} She’s a good sport and keeps coming even on days it seems impossible to get up our driveway. I was telling Justin and Josh that oftentimes in order […]

Josh’s Photos


My nephew came up this weekend and shot some pictures. I thought I’d send out two of my favorites. It feels funny to call him my nephew because like his brother his is just a breath away from being a man and for me a nephew sounds like a child. We (as usual) enjoyed having […]

  Bingo as a little puppy. There is two things about the Bingo song I hated when I was a kid. First, every first grade teacher made you sing it over and over – and it was mind numbingly implanted in my psyche.  Thus, it if ever offered to my conscious state – even over 32 years […]

just a couple recent photos….. I realize there is much to be done; dog updates, hunting tips, etc… and I promise to get to all of that however, at the moment I wanted to share some photos. I just got a new camera …  a Kodak Z650. I’m no professional. However, I am picky about what […]

The picture above is Pepper. I spoke of her in the puppy update post her being best buddies with Patch.  When we first had the puppies I told the kids they could each keep one puppy. I made this decision for two reasons. First, we saw a mountain lion on the property one day. Before security systems […]

We just can’t get rid of these mutts! Okay did I say we can’t or won’t? Semantics just semantics. I made flyer’s that we all “forgot” to use. They are quite stylish. I’d show them to you but you may call the number and ask for a puppy and then I would have to tell […]