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book cover meme


I’m not usually a follower however, If I were to follow in some one’s footsteps Adam’s is a good man’s steps to go along with. He posted a very funny book cover with his name in it. Guided by Winterwoman – here is his post. The trick is to go into, head to the Advanced Search page […]

Okay, Okay I probably broke some social rule by wishing myself a happy birthday however, I can create my own blog birthday card because I am an eccentric old lady, and dang proud of it. May is cake month. My mom’s birthday is May 3rd. My son’s birthday is the 15th, mine is the 14th, two mom […]

  Bingo as a little puppy. There is two things about the Bingo song I hated when I was a kid. First, every first grade teacher made you sing it over and over – and it was mind numbingly implanted in my psyche.  Thus, it if ever offered to my conscious state – even over 32 years […]

Happy Halloween


from Key-Key.

Justin’s Page


   Hi All, For those of you who want to spend a little time looking at Justin’s Blog you’ll want to go to the link to your right. He asked me to put in a disclaimer. For those of you who think he is sporting a halo and glittering wings – you may not want to eliminate […]

My hubby and I was reading through this web-page;  it’s all on phobias. I thought we’d talk about fear – silly fears, completely normal or reasonable fears, the where are they fears….. according to the website these are the real terms for real fears. Except of course the ones Joe and I created at […]