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I went out to Pierre Lake and found a completely frozen body of water. I had posted on the area last summer (here is the link in case your curious what it looks like in the summer.) On the drive we ran into a…. Western Meadowlark  (Sturnella neglecta) And I had one of those off […]

My husband went and did something really crazy. He got me a Canon D400 camera (which is the newest rebel xti) and in the process of doing so made it almost impossible for me to pick up my kodak in anticipation of shooting with the new guy. (This is due on the 23rd and just […]

The first thing I wanted to tell you is this; Washington is a state of contradictions. I’ve heard this said before and nothing really explains the state more than this. Since the day I decided to actually share this northern route with you this was the primary thing I wanted to tell you.  Let’s see […]

In light of Halloween I thought I’d introduce a ghost town to you. Boo! Orient Washington was named so because the town was originated by placer miners who just happened to be Oriental.   My Children go to this town to attend a little school house. It is (according to some) the oldest operating school house in Washington […]