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Pine Siskin’s Hairy Woodpecker Here is a little Mountain Chickadee I met up with last night (I like that ruffled feather look…) Advertisements

My husband was so generous for mother’s day (and thus I need good idea’s for Dad’s day.) One gift that the birds really seem to enjoy (a lot!) is the birdbath. So I thought I’d just toss up a photo shoot of them bathing. I set up my blind right next to it so I […]

My husband is priming the boat to get it ready for a trip out on the water. I’m super excited about fishing again! Hopefully this year is a bit better out on the water. … meanwhile,… back to the wildflowers. Tall Western Groundsel (Senecio integerrimus) And here is a telling shot of the plants design. […]

Here are my most recent bird feeder shots…. House finch Pine siskin Juvenile Red crossbill Red crossbill (male) p.s. for my birthday I got a wicked hunting blind! (I love that it was a 40th birthday present!) I can sit, wait, and take shots without upsetting or disturbing the birds. I’ll also include a couple […]

Yesterday I ran into an odd woodpecker. I thought I’d highlight him here – he struck me funny the minute I saw him; the most interesting aspect was his size. He was very large and looked quite chubby for a woodpecker. I definitely had to pull out Mr. Sibley’s book for this one… I identified […]

Today, a feeder update: as I said in the last post many of the birds I’ve mentioned are still around. There are only a couple of exceptions that my feed has brought in and I haven’t seen the evening grosbeak for a couple of weeks now.  Today it snowed and then rained so that proved to be a […]

I saw about a week ago the first American Goldfinch to land on the feeder. It was difficult to get a good shot but in the effort to prove he did exist here is a shot none-the-less. White Crowned Sparrow (Pacific version) My husband thought I was nuts! Up overhead was an adult Bald Eagle […]

Now with the trumpet playing in the background the Fox movie theme (um… okay I know the sound is out but let me just go on with the show just the same.) Here is the bird we call a blue jay over here. Of course technically speaking it isn’t a blue jay but a stellers […]

I take a lot of shots and the key goal is to give them all time. From the small to the large. I keep avoiding waterbirds because when it comes to birding I am so weak at telling a mallard from a bufflehead. However, let’s see what we can do with all my endless shots […]