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A few “in the field” macro shots of various things.. At the moment I’m not as good as identifying algae and fungi so I’ll leave the titles out. I’d embarrass myself making a feeble attempt. Anyone who knows names and wants to ID these guys.  I’ll happily rewrite this and post it for all to […]

Before I start babbling I’d like to first post a link to Montucky’s in the field woodland star – he did a fabulous job of capturing it and it’s completely worth a peek. Honestly I would have attempted to capture this in field however, there was just one flower and it was bitter cold outside! It […]

…and today is one of them. Yesterday I was running a 102 degree temp because my kiddo’s brought an illness from Orient school and the fever finally broke late last night. So I went back to the buttercups and took a shot at about six o’clock in the evening. The sun had not completely set […]

why? well, it’s a funky year. Hubby’s birthday was the 21st, our anniversary yesterday and of course Easter today.  Happy Easter all! So I’ll limit myself. Snow Buttercups One of my favorite shots of the week, coming in for a landing, and… Pygmy Nuthatch (Sitta pygmaea); Joe and I went out on a hike yesterday and heard this extremely […]