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I’ll shoot up real soon a bird update and yep, they are still hopping in the trees…. meanwhile, I really liked the pastels of this image… A boys escape… Okay a couple of my favorites now… Patch and Bear were working out issues that only a pup can fully understand. based upon the look on […]

I went back up to take more shots. I had mentioned on the wildflower page that I had a difficult time photographing the shooting star (Dodecatheon pulchellum). I finally got back up on the mountian to take a few more photos – and like all of wildlife – it once again stunned me.   Check […]

I had mentioned in a previous post that we have two neighbors – two small horses that live right on the other side of the fence line. The pups initially did not like these guys, even when they were puppies they thought that it was rather rude, this sudden urge of theirs, to find the […] This guy writes about a thousand times better than I. you bored? check out his story on fly fishing fishing its worth consideration.

Usually in winter we tie the big bobsled we have to the back of the jeep and drive the kids around. The bottom is so tore up after this year that we probably have to go and get a new one. This year there was a decent amount of snow that just melted off about […]

First, Bear our biggest dog. Bear is a grand pup. He really likes to spook the UPS lady and scare her witless. {Hey, everyone needs a hobby right?} She’s a good sport and keeps coming even on days it seems impossible to get up our driveway. I was telling Justin and Josh that oftentimes in order […]

Josh’s Photos


My nephew came up this weekend and shot some pictures. I thought I’d send out two of my favorites. It feels funny to call him my nephew because like his brother his is just a breath away from being a man and for me a nephew sounds like a child. We (as usual) enjoyed having […]

Doing Fire Math


Didn’t they tell you in high school that “math is fun!”? Here’s a quick DNR update –  Bisbee Mountain  (Northeast, Washington DNR): 500 acres at 50 percent contained. This fire is five miles west of  Kettle Falls and is burning in timber. Torching, spotting and short crown runs were observed. Structures are threatened.”  You can find the […]