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To be real I have to admit it was two days. The birds have flocked quite graciously to my home. If I wander away from the feeder area I don’t hear a sound so I always end up coming back. I thought I’d take a moment to describe (along with photos) two interesting things that have […]

I blame myself – I really do. With all the kids being sick, then myself, and now my hubby I had sadly, forgotten the birds. Today I went out and found one feeder with a lot of activity, only half full and it was snowing again. (All other feeders were empty.) I noticed that the birds […]

…and today is one of them. Yesterday I was running a 102 degree temp because my kiddo’s brought an illness from Orient school and the fever finally broke late last night. So I went back to the buttercups and took a shot at about six o’clock in the evening. The sun had not completely set […]

I almost forgot to post these. Some Western Bluebirds checking out the accommodations we were attempting to rent out. Western Bluebird (Sialia mexicana) Now jumping forward in time (to March 22nd) I had mentioned to Tom (Monarch) that my husband and I had been married outside. During the whole ceremony a Meadowlark had sat atop […]

why? well, it’s a funky year. Hubby’s birthday was the 21st, our anniversary yesterday and of course Easter today.  Happy Easter all! So I’ll limit myself. Snow Buttercups One of my favorite shots of the week, coming in for a landing, and… Pygmy Nuthatch (Sitta pygmaea); Joe and I went out on a hike yesterday and heard this extremely […]

American Robin (hiding in our rained on fir tree) Now a person can see why birding can sometimes be a little difficult. and then there’s getting the classic shots of the shy birds…. Today though; the little female Varied Thrush let me take a picture of her underbelly. Which offers another tricky part of making […]

I ran into….


another second year bald eagle hunting on the lake (Haliaeetus leucocephalus.) Just this season I’ve seen more then I ever have. I thought I’d quickly post a few shots of him. He was quite patience with me while I took advantage of his location. The shooting conditions weren’t perfect but then again they rarely are… Bald […]

I like firsts they are without question my favorite things to do. The first flower I found this spring….. Snow Buttercup (Ranunculus eschscholtzii)  Named aptly as they often show directly under a spot where snow recently melted. The first Beaver I ran into this spring…….. One of my favorite facts about Beavers? When babies (kits) […]

p.s. Before I completely forget – getting old is tricky on the mind. Janet once again came to my rescue and identified the species of this wasp. It is (drum roll please) and I quote… “Ah! Polistes dominulus … paper wasp.” ~ Janet Wilkin’s from A Little Bit o’ Everything.

However, Monarch, Janet’s and Adam’s good call on the bird was further established. Yesterday I caught her in a tree and tho I’m not sure it’s the same Varied Thrush it is a much better photograph of one. I’m pretty sure the first fellow was the male and this one is the female. It gave me […]