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…..okay lets see if we can put this natural oddity to bed Here are some photos I captured while in yellowstone. Later down the road I’ll talk a bit more about the Rocky Mountains. I’ve decided that might be a winter post because I want to contrast it with the mountain range that I live […]

a little bit like the first – however verbally not quite as windy as the first page. We actually stayed in a ski lodge, which was a nice change from the tourist traps, turns out that Big Sky Lodge is a very scenic 40 minute drive through the Gallatin National Forest into Yellowstone National Park. […]

If you visit Yellowstone you can see some really amazing local photos of the park. In my case I was just hiking and driving through, playing tourist for four days, so these photos can’t compete with the level of photography that exists in the local area. That being the case I thought maybe a few […]