Forget April Showers; Think Flowers…


I thought I’d try to do something a little different…

Here are the flowers that sprouted up this April. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile to organize in my own mind what will sprout up when. I’m quite sure I did not get them all but this is what I did get. May will have to be done in installments as any flower hunter will probably tell you.

It seems the first flowers are yellow or white they started around the end of march actually I captured them on the 6th of April, buttercups (not shown), followed by yellow-bells and the woodland star. Around the 9th the spring beauties and Draba was added. It was 17th when the shooting stars and blue-eye’d Mary’s bloomed. On the 20th the very pretty wool breeches showed up alongside the Siberian springbeauty. This year, unlike the last three, there is an abundance of wool breeches. That makes my eyes happy!

Draba verna
Draba verna, spring draba or spring whitlow-grass

Lanceleaf Springbeauty
Claytonia lanceolata or Lanceleaf Springbeauty

unknown I suspect it’s in the springbeauty family (or Claytonia)

bulbous woodland-star
Lithophragma glabrum, bulbous woodland-star or bulbiferous prairie-star

yellow bell
Fritillaria pudica, yellow fritillary, yellow bells or yellow missionbells

small-flowered blue-eyed mary
Collinsia parviflora, small-flowered blue-eyed mary or maiden blue eyed Mary

slender phlox
Phlox gracilis or slender phlox

Shooting Star
Though this is a later shot they were in full bloom on the 17th I suspect this, based on the thick rounded basal leaves, is Dodecatheon conjugens or the Bonneville shooting star. {sometimes also called; slimpod shooting star or desert shooting star}

ballhead waterleaf
Hydrophyllum capitatum, ballhead waterleaf or wool breeches

Siberian springbeauty
Claytonia sibirica or Siberian springbeauty… I’m not 100% solid on this ID but I’m pretty sure.

Unknown Flower

pioneer violet
And suprizingly I saw my first pioneer violet on the 20th. Viola glabella

Arrowleaf Balsamroot
Arrowleaf Balsamroot just started to sprout petals on the 17th & on the 1st of May were in full bloom.

Okay I think that covers it… It’s been raining for days now which means I’m stuck inside. Though I love the powerful and dramatic thunderstorms I still think I adore looking for the flowers more.


8 Responses to “Forget April Showers; Think Flowers…”

  1. You have some really good shots there! I was surprised to see the waterleaf and yellow violets so early: ours haven’t shown up yet, but this has been a very strange spring for us here.

  2. And what stunning flowers these are!

  3. I’m a little suprised as well Montucky. I ran into another and once I post it to flickr I’ll post that too. I think our spring is also a little odd… again I’ve never seen so many waterleafs & the paintbrush came out so fast… amazing but I’m loving it.

  4. Thanks Monarch I spent hours trying to find your bird on you Bird quiz and totally failed. Good quiz you posted!

  5. They are beautiful especially the shooting star, lovey work !!

  6. A fine bunch of wildflower photos! I already miss spring (long gone from most of the Bay Area)

  7. Virus dude you need to post a blog o’ say something…. Click

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