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I know… I know *sigh* no religion and no politics. I personally shuddered when I had to put in the politics category. ekkk… However, because I’m pretty attached to those bald eagles that fly over my backyard everyday – here I go. I also love that hike down Hoodoo Canyon Trail. I recommend it to anyone who isn’t short on breath. You know what you’ll find? A three mile hike that leads you to three different lakes with no minibikes, ATV’s, snowmobiles, jeeps… just foot traffic. (Trout Lake, Emerald Lake and Lily Lake) After the first mile – you can pick up a slyly hidden geocache. At mile two you run into nobody at all, just wildflowers, rock walls and the eerie feeling your being watched. At mile three you can cool off, which you’ll need, by jumping into the cleanest water you’ve seen in your life. This water laps up to a black sand beach with what looks like flakes of gold in it. Take lots of water, take a lunch, expect the terrain to be difficult but without question take your family.  

So… If your feeling frisky and want to harass your Senator or Representative into doing the right thing feel free and write them concerning this bill.

The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act H.R. 1975. You don’t have to go deep or hard – just “stop being lazy and support bill H.R. 1975” will do.

If your in Washington state and in my local area here’s your reps. Thanks to the invention of the computer you can email them now and they get it immediately – cool, no stamps!

District 5 rep;


You really have to bug this lady she rarely supports any kind of bill that Bush won’t like. I don’t see her representing our area at all as a matter a fact I see her keeping her right hand deep in the pocket of Bush. She makes a lot of claims on television during election time that in reality she does not vote for. To stay informed you actually have to look at her voting record. You can pretty much pick any area of study and it will be the opposite of what she says she did.

I watch the votes and have yet to be disappointed with either Cantwell or Murray. They are really honest about how and what they vote on. I may not agree with how they vote but I appreciate their candor and honesty.   



Oh gee what is my point? In 2001 Clinton declared large tracts of National Forest to road-less areas. In a nutshell you can fish, hunt and camp there but your hiking in. These tracks protect endangered species animals and believe it or not but our drinking water. And ever since Bush has been in office he has made numerous attempt to destroy the current law and many people, lawyers, judges, yeah even Maria Cantwell, has fought to keep it in place.

Why is he fighting it? Depends on the land; but logging, oil, and mining are the three favorites reasons.

Since this first came onto the floor in 1999 there have been 2.2 million people who wrote in to the National Forest Service on the subject with a 95% approval of keeping road-less areas. In a nutshell, I think this one bugs me not because of any political affiliation but because it is what the American people want and it really ticks me off when politics and large business get in the way of what the people want. Makes me want to send all those guys back to poly-sci 101 and have them do a three page report on what the definition of what a “representative democracy” is.  

If your not in Washington you can find your Senator and Representatives on these pages;



4 Responses to “Wilderness Bill”

  1. 1 montucky


    What an excellent post! I appreciate your having done it, and also appreciate the time and effort that went into it. That’s exactly what I wish more folks would do!

    I will be linking to this in the next day or so, as soon as I decide where it will receive the most well-deserved attention.



  2. 2 montucky


    I noticed from this site: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h110-1975 that Rep. Brian Baird [D-WA], Rep. Jay Inslee [D-WA], and Rep. James McDermott [D-WA] are co-sponsers of the bill.


  3. Thanks for posting that link Terry! In terms of staying informed it’s a great one. I’m also adding it to my favorites as well. We do have good support over here and I was proud of my state because of it. When and if it hits the senate floor I expect it to be supported here as well – however, our biggest problem is the house. I’ll keep updating the site while the bill moves through the process.


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